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Viticus Group: Providing Innovative Education to Veterinary and Human Healthcare Professionals Worldwide

As new discoveries and powerful innovations alter the world of animal and human health, Viticus Group (formerly WVC) is the leading provider of world-class programming and in-depth learning opportunities for veterinary and human health professionals. Viticus Center offers state-of-the-art labs at two cutting-edge technology facilities, presenting a variety of continued education courses and providing access to specialized surgical training for both veterinarian and human health professionals. Bringing together life and medicine in Viticus, we envision a future where all medical professionals have access to year-round, hands-on training for a one-of-a-kind experience.

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Logo Rationale

The Viticus Group mark explores the symbolism of infinity. Within the infinity symbol, the circles are a simple representation of the double helix (DNA), which signifies life. The infinity symbol represents consistency, duality, and empowerment. Viticus Group carries these qualities throughout its programming and is representative of the value of its services, the lives it represents (animal and human), and the continuing education it provides.

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Name Rationale

“Medicus” is Latin for doctor, and “vita” is Latin for life. This focuses on the passionate people behind Viticus Group, what they provide, and how life (both animal and human) continues to flourish because of the medical education we offer.

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The Viticus Experience

A Bold Vision for Animal and Human Health Training

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Staying on the Forefront of Medical Education

Over the past 10 years, we have served 26,000 veterinary professionals and 27,000 human medical doctors and surgeons.

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A Personalized Approach to Continuing Education

We give participants a more connected experience through smaller student-teacher ratios in CE and CME courses.

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A Unique Experience for All Medical Providers

Professionals will have access to state-of-the-art labs,

using the most innovative, leading-edge technologies in real world operating environments.


Experience State-of-the-Art
Clinical Training at the Viticus Center

As an organization that’s grown to embrace cutting-edge education for human-health professionals, we’re expanding the possibilities for world-class training in specialized surgeries and required certifications. Discover how you can take your clinical skills & events to the next level at the world-famous Viticus Center.