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Our Mission

Providing Innovative Education to Veterinary and Human Healthcare Professionals Worldwide

What We Do

An Educational Experience

Designed for Excellence


We are all invested in better care. That’s why for over 95 years, our organization has been committed to making it a reality.

And from that rich legacy comes a new brand committed to the power and promise of the highest-quality instruction: Viticus Group.

As an organization that’s grown to embrace cutting-edge education for human-health professionals, we’re expanding the possibilities for world-class training in specialized surgeries and required certifications. At the Viticus Center, our year-round, deep-learning model utilizes the most advanced technology, with courses taught by top-notch educators who deliver unparalleled customer service.

Designed with every detail of real-world operating scenarios, these state-of-the-art labs prepare professionals for a changing world and innovative care. Our vision for the future is captured in the name Viticus Group, bringing together “life” and “medicine,” as we take a bold step forward, supporting the professionals who treat those we care for most

"One of the best places in America, if not the world, to do hands-on teaching."
- Dr. Don Hulse


A Unique Experience for Medical Professionals

Through our growing Viticus Center, we offer more courses that operate in real-world environments, more certification and specialized surgical training opportunities, and more access to cutting-edge technology for veterinary and human health professionals. 

Oquendo Campus

Oquendo Campus

Get excited to discover our newest facility fully equipped with the latest medical technology, conveniently located within walking distance from our current campus!


Oquendo Campus

oquendo center lobby

Eastern Campus

Eastern Campus

Previously the Oquendo Center, this one-of-a-kind education facility is devoted to practical, clinical, experience-based learning for all medical professionals.


Eastern Campus
eastern campus reception

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