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A Commitment to Culture

Join a company with values you can be proud of. We create meaning in our workplace through creating policies and practices that build a sense of belonging within the team, tap into individual passions, and provide an enjoyable environment that allows for growth.  As a rapidly growing company, we are always looking for talented professionals to join our team. Browse our job openings above to get started on your career with the Viticus Group today!

Our Values



  • INTEGRITY - Upholding honesty, transparency, and ethical behavior in all aspects of our work. We commit to maintaining the highest standards of integrity in our relationships with clients, partners, and the community.
  • COMMUNITY- Fostering a sense of unity, collaboration, and social responsibility. We strive to build a supportive and inclusive
    community that values diversity and actively contributes to the
    well-being of both local and global communities.
  • ACHIEVEMENT - Pursuing excellence and continuous improvement in everything we do. We encourage a culture of innovation, learning, and setting along with exceeding at ambitious goals, both for ourselves and for the professionals we serve.
  • RESPECT - Treating all individuals with dignity, empathy, and understanding. We value diversity of thought and background, promoting an environment where everyone feels respected and appreciated for their unique contributions.
  • EXCELLENCE - Committing to the highest standards of quality and performance. We aim for excellence in the development and
    delivery of our educational programs, as well as in our interactions with clients, partners, and each other. Continuous improvement is at the core of our pursuit of excellence.

Diversity & Inclusion at Viticus Group

We are committed to cultivating and preserving a culture of inclusion and connectedness. Viticus Group is one of just four companies in Nevada that have pledged to drive inclusive behavior within our organization. The CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™ is the largest CEO-driven commitment aimed to take measurable action in advancing diversity and inclusion in the workplace. In addition, our designated Diversity & Inclusion Committee focuses on opportunities for improvement in policies, programs, activities, and practices within all aspects of our operations.