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Alice Murtas


Alice Murtas, BS, CVT, VTS (ECC) began her career in Emergency medicine in 1993, earned a CVT in 2012, and a VTS (ECC) in 2020. She is a Nurse Trainer at Veterinary Emergency Group in Chicago’s South Loop and a Certified RECOVER Instructor. She is passionate about making learning relatable for learners at every level. She enjoys exploring toxicology, physiology and asking why. Her professional experiences also include critical care, ophthalmology, shelter medicine, primary care practice, veterinary home health care, leadership, mentoring and teaching.

When she is not in clinic, she may be found cooking, gardening, hiking, traveling, mushroom hunting, exercising, constructing Haikus or researching for her next educational adventure. She shares a home in Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood with her husband and his cat.