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– Dec. 10-12, 2023 –

Advanced Abdominal Ultrasound

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  • Date: Dec. 10-12, 2023
  • Venue: Viticus Group, Oquendo Center | Las Vegas, NV
  • Category: Ultrasound
  • Enrollment Capacity: 42
  • CE Hours: 24
  • Cost: $2,825
  • Instructors:
    • Elizabeth Huynh, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVR
    • Reynsen Shigemoto, DVM, MS, DACVR
    • Elodie Emmanuelle Huget, DVM
    • Nate Nelson, DVM, DACVR
    • Jay Griffin, DVM, DACVR


This course is geared toward the participant that is comfortable with abdominal ultrasound and needs guidance or instruction on the more advanced diagnoses. This course not only focuses on the abdomen to discuss the use of Doppler and imaging for portosystemic shunts, but also spends time on ultrasound of the neck and thyroid gland, noncardiac thoracic ultrasound as well as case presentations to show the application of ultrasound and how it helps to guide treatment. In this 3-day course, 12 hours is spent in the laboratory evaluating dogs and cats with the discussion of tips and tricks the different instructors use in the evaluation of each organ system of the abdomen, neck with an introduction to musculoskeletal imaging using ultrasound.

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Elizabeth Huynh, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVR

Shigemoto_Headshot (1)

Reynsen Shigemoto, DVM, MS, DACVR

Elodie_Huguet_2022 (1)

Elodie Emmanuelle Huget, DVM

big-Nelson Nate-sq

Nate Nelson, DVM, DACVR 


Jay Griffin, DVM, DACVR 

Learning Objectives - Advanced abdominal ultrasound

  • The participants will be able to perform a complete ultrasound examination in dogs and cats and correct any difficulties they have encountered obtaining and optimizing their images. This includes correct documentation of probe orientation and labeling of images for review using telemedicine services or for follow up scans.
  • The participant will learn other areas of the body amenable to ultrasound such as the thyroid and thorax, excluding the heart, and an introduction to the use of ultrasound for the documentation of musculoskeletal or soft tissue abnormalities.
  • The participant will learn how to optimally use Doppler in the abdomen and perform vascular examinations.
  • The participant will review a large number of case studies focusing on the application of ultrasound and its immediate use in private practice under the guidance of board certified veterinary radiologists.

Viticus Group’s official lodging partner is Courtyard Las Vegas Henderson/Green Valley. Special lodging discounts are available to participants attending courses at the Viticus Center. Please make these arrangements once you have purchased your course by calling 702.434.4700 and be sure to mention that you are attending a course at the Viticus Center.  To make a reservation online with our discounted rate, please click here. 

Courtyard Las Vegas Henderson/Green Valley
2800 North Green Valley Pkwy
Henderson, NV 89014
Toll-free: 702.434.4700

Courtyard Lodging + Travel Includes: 

  • Airport Pick up: Available on request, 7 days a week starting at 6:00a and ending at 10:00p
  • Guests will need to call the hotel upon arrival (702.434.4700) after they pick up their luggage. At that time, they will be informed of the area they will be picked up and a shuttle driver will be sent by the hotel.
  • Airport drop-off: All drop-offs are every two hours, starting at 6:00a and ending at 10:00p. Please sign up at the front desk at least 1 hour prior to departing.

Viticus Group Transportation Includes: 

  • Shuttle pick-up at the Courtyard 45 minutes prior to the start of your course start time and a short ride to the Viticus Center. 
  • At the close of each day, our shuttle will take you back to the Hotel.
  • Last Day Transportation: Shuttle provided both to the airport, and back to the Hotel. (Luggage storage available on campus)
  • If you are a Las Vegas local, or are driving yourself to the course, please arrive to the Oquendo Campus 30 minutes before the start time.


** Please refer to the agenda and email updates for transportation times.**


Public transportation in Las Vegas is limited. If you are staying somewhere other than our preferred partner, you will need to arrange for your transportation to and from the Viticus Center. If you are renting a car, Mandalay Bay, Luxor, and several other hotels on the strip may charge for parking. Other transportation options for getting around are taxi service, Uber and Lyft.


  1. Scrubs are available upon your arrival if needed.
  2. Closed-toe shoes are required during labs.
  3. A light sweater for indoor areas.
  4. Plenty of sunscreen.
  5. Electronic charging device to power up.
  6. Valid ID - We highly recommend you carry your ID at all times in Las Vegas.


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