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Spring into CE 🌻

As spring begins, it's the perfect time to breathe new life into your career and invest in your professional development. This spring 2023, plan your hands-on CE at Viticus Center.

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Ultrasound in the ER and Pain Management

June 19 to 20

This lab teaches veterinarians and veterinary technicians how to use ultrasound in emergency and pain management cases. They will learn the terminology, hands-on application, and interpretation of ultrasonography images to recognize and improve patient outcomes.

Double Down on Dentistry

June 27 to 28

This course covers canine and feline dental extractions and dental radiographic interpretation. Participants will learn surgical extraction techniques through step-by-step slides, videos, and hands-on practice with cadavers. You will also learn how to perform regional nerve blocks and discuss their role in managing pain.


Aug. 27 to 28

This interactive case-based 2 day lecture series encompasses the dermatology basics from diagnostics to treatment of complex immune-mediated disease. There will be a practical portion following lecture including a hands-on wet lab utilizing cadavers to practice biopsy techniques, cytology collection, DTM inoculation, and more.

Lab Scholars Course

Sept. 1 to 3

Course Learning Objectives and Details Coming Soon!

Advanced Oral and Maxillofacial Trauma in Dogs and Cats

Sept. 7 to 8

This course will improve your diagnostic and technical skills in treating oral and maxillofacial trauma in dogs and cats. It includes two full days of advanced training in internal fixation techniques for mandibular and maxillofacial fracture repair using surgical approaches and various internal fixation methods on cadaver models.

Feline Medicine

Oct. 9 to 10

This lab focuses on essential techniques for feline medicine, teaching you what you've always wanted to learn. It covers abdominal and thoracocentesis, placing chest tubes and urinary catheters, plus bone marrow aspirates, nasal flushes, tracheal washes... and more!


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Featured Lab: Feline Medicine

October 9 to 10, 2023

At this hands-on lab, you will learn practical procedures such as abdominal and thoracocentesis, placing chest tubes, a slick epidural approach for a sacrococcygeal block to make working with those pesky blocked cats easier, two techniques for placing feeding tubes without stress, and how to use urinary catheters (and which are the best ones). 

But that's not all!

The agenda also includes how to perform bone marrow aspirates, nasal flushes, tracheal washes without a bronchoscope, soaker catheters for local analgesia, and more. You will love the new ways to do old procedures that will make your life easier! (PS - most of what you learn can be applied to canines too!).