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As new discoveries and powerful innovations alter the world of animal and human health, Viticus Group (formerly WVC), is the leading provider of world-class programming and in-depth learning opportunities for veterinary and human health professionals. The Viticus Center offers state-of-the-art labs at two cutting-edge technology facilities, presenting a variety of continuing education courses and providing access to specialized surgical training for both veterinary and human health professionals.

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WVC Acquires New Building and Expands Educational Program

WVC, a leading provider of veterinary and medical continuing education, announces the recent acquisition of the building formerly known as the Enclave in Las Vegas, Nevada. This customizable 71,000-square-foot space allows WVC to expand its educational programming, becoming even more of a one-stop-shop in continuing education for all veterinary and human health professionals.

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WVC Gets the Party Started at Annual Conference 2020

Performances from award-winning country music star Brett Eldredge and Daytime Emmy Award-winning TV personality and comedian Sherri Shepherd are coming your way at WVC’s 2020 Annual Conference. After opening registration on August 1 for the 2020 Annual Conference, WVC is thrilled to announce the star-studded lineup of performers headlining this year’s entertainment.

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Press Release

WVC Announces New CEO, Andrea Davis

WVC announces today that the board of directors has appointed Andrea Davis as chief executive officer. Davis started her new position at WVC on October 21, taking over for the interim CEO, Stephanie Gerling... Read More

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Why a Rebrand?

Due to the growing demand for both human medical and veterinary continuing education, we felt the responsibility to step up and offer more. To enlarge the organization’s vision and focus to include human healthcare as well as veterinary medicine, we needed a new name and identity to better relate to our extending audience. This rebranding was a long and thought-out process, and we hope to connect to healthcare professionals everywhere through the new Viticus Group brand.

Are Viticus Group and WVC two separate organizations?

No, we are only one organization. The organization's name is Viticus Group, and the name WVC is associated with the veterinary education side of Viticus Group.

What’s the relationship between Viticus Group and WVC?

Viticus Group is an umbrella organization that provides both veterinary and human medical offerings. WVC, the name associated with the veterinary arm of the organization, is a subset of Viticus Group. 

What does Viticus mean?

“Medicus” is Latin for doctor, and “vita” is Latin for life. Combining those words to create Viticus represents our dedication to healthcare professionals, both veterinary and human, and our mission to improve quality of life of humans and animals everywhere through the medical education we offer.

What does the new logo mean?

The mark explores the symbolism of infinity. Within the infinity symbol, the circles are a simple representation of the double helix (DNA), which signifies life. The infinity symbol represents consistency, duality, and empowerment. Viticus Group carries these qualities with the quality of their services, the multiple lives they represent—animal and human—and the continuing education they provide.

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Do I have to re-subscribe to social channels, emails, newsletters, etc.?

Viticus Group will have its own social media channels, emails, and newsletters. If you’d like to receive information from Viticus Group, you’ll need to subscribe to the channels listed below. However, WVC media channels and information sources will remain the same, separate from Viticus Group. Veterinary professionals who want to receive information only about veterinary events and resources don’t need to take any action, as those subscriptions will continue.

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